Meets: 14:00– 17:00, Tuesdays

Instructor: Semih KELLECÄ°, Res. Assist. Nazda GÜNGÖRDÜ                              

Credit Load: 1 2 2 (Cankaya) 2 (ECTS)


Weekly Program




1st  week

(13 February)

Introduction to the Course Content

2nd week

(20 February)

Introduction to cartographic representation and cartographic elements

3rd week

(27 February)

Worldwide coordinate systems,  Scaling and map organization (Different types of representation in city planning)

4th week

(6 March)

Type of Base Data/Maps. Categorizing data and developing legends in city and regional planning / Different types of mapping techniques in city planning

5th week

(13 March)

Drawing techniques for topographic data: plan – section – elevation & levelling and managing slopes. (class exercise)

6th week

(20 March)

3D visualization of topographic data: model making. (Lab. Exercise)

7th week

(27 March)


8th week 

(3 April)

Principles of Site Planning Cultural Aspects

9th week

(10 April)

Principles of Site Planning Biological Aspects

10th week

(17 April)

Principles of Site Planning Physical Aspects

11th week

(24 April)

Principles of Site Planning: Application of morphological data into planning and design- Settlement development patterns

1 May

Labour Day

12th week

(8 May)

Field Trip

13th week

(15 May)

Principles of Site Planning: Landscape Elements Elements and Model Making Techniques

14th week

Graphical Presentation Techniques for Site Plans



This course will provide;

  • learning of fundamentals of site planning.
  • an understanding on site planning process with its tools and elements
  • an interpretation of topographic elements and their measurements
  • knowledge on survey maps in planning applications
  • learning of mapping techniques and cartographic design basics
  • knowledge on physical design as well as types of analysis, use of tools and skills necessary for site planning.



Students will be evaluated on their class participation, and midterm and final exams.  The final grade for the course will be calculated based on following distribution:

Participation                             5%

Quiz(es)                                   10%

Classworks & Homework         20%

Mid-term exam                         25%

Final exam                                40%



The reading material will be announced and distributed weekly. Students are responsible to read the reference material before the class and participate in class discussions.